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Virtual Business Solutions

We understand the necessity of outsourcing as much of the business cycle as possible. Our Virtual Operations Managers are readily available to provide your business with the solutions it needs.

Time Management

Time is the most valuable commodity to the business owner. An incredibly costly amount of time is spent on calendar management and coordination, email management, social media marketing, and other tasks. Outsourcing these tasks to a Virtual Operations Manager will alleviate the strains of managing your time.


Let us manage your entire bookkeeping cycle and keep the books clean. We use the Intuit Quickbooks software to manage your bookkeeping. As an additional service, we also find additional ways for your business to save money.

Social Media Marketing

Here at Helix, we know how important it is to manage Social Media Marketing. We also understand how vital it is to outsource Social Media Marketing. Our social media marketing strategies are constantly evolving to fit the market and are consistently growing businesses, including our own! Contact us today -- let us develop your Social Media Marketing plan and let's grow your business together!

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Let's rebrand your business!


Let's reflect the story of your business within your Social Media Marketing and your website.


Let's redesign your website and work to revamp your entrepreneurial spirit


Let's consult on how to improve the fluidity of your business and watch it grow together.


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